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U.S. Manufactured Custom Designed Galil Receivers


This is where the fun begins....selecting the perfect receiver for your custom MAR build.  Our Gunsmith has taken fifteen years of building Galils, seen what could be improved upon, combined all that with his set of original IMI blueprints and employed them as the foundation for the creative design and development of a U.S. manufactured patent pending receiver that has the unique attributes of being configurable to any of a number of calibers during the build-out.  With some minor machining, your receiver can be modified from its base configuration of the following calibers of 5.56 Nato, 300BLK, 6.8Spc to either of the following: 7.62x39 or 5.45x39 Technical instructions for each caliber configuration are available online. Our receivers are available in either a Pistol or Rifle configuration followed by two alloy choices; 4140 Chromoly Steel and Titanium in a Beta Ti10-2-3 alloy (details below).  All four variables will accommodate the aforementioned calibers and are marked on the receiver as "Multi" for ATF compliance purposes. Our Pistol configured receiver allows you the latitude of a short-barreled rifle’s operating characteristics without the otherwise requisite NFA tax stamp.



                            The Lewis & Black Titanium Galil Micro Receiver


We believe this to be the first and only Titanium receiver ever developed specifically for an Israeli IMI Galil Micro and it is American in every way. Designed exclusively for Lewis & Black, this is our vision of an US made Ti receiver for the legendary Micro Galil Rifle (MAR).  

Looking to significantly surpass the OEM’s design and functionality criteria, the Titanium alloy specified in these receivers was originally developed for the aviation industry and is primarily employed for aircraft turbine blades and landing gear.  Its ideally suited to this application due to its Rockwell hardness of RC42-45, tensile ductility and unique elastic modulus properties, which are only found in this specific Beta Titanium alloy configuration.  Most other rifle receiver manufacturers are fine using an alloy known as Ti6-4.  The unique stresses of the Galil receiver combined with a determination to achieve a marked improvement from the original specs, called out within the IMI prints, demanded more.

The specific Ti required to meet our objectives, known as Ti10V-3Fe-2Al*, comes to us from a foundry in Ontario, CA.  Securing an alloy this specific to our requirements was incredibly challenging. We're obviously not able to compete with the likes of Boeing.  So what little we've been able to secure will act as an inherent limiting factor as to how many of these receivers can be produced.  This is an investment one can confidently believe will be handed down for generations.  As the owner of one of these sweet girls, the serial number is yours to designate.  That's as personalized as it gets.  Not even Rolls-Royce can give their customers a personalized VIN number on a Phantom.....that's right, this is cooler than a Rolls!   

When you select "Titanium Alloy" as your receiver choice, a new Custom Serial Number field will become active.  You may insert any combination of letters/numbers up to 15 characters in this field. 

Weighing in at a finished weight of 8.2 ounces vs the steel OEM's weight of 23.5 ounces, this is as cool as it gets. 

In as much as Titanium doesn’t have the inherent oxidation properties of steel alloys, you’re limited by only your imagination as to the finish you can apply on this receiver, including leaving it in the “white”, which would present an undeniably interesting contrast when combined with the other parts, be they nitrated, blued or cerakoted, as examples.


PLEASE NOTE:  In the spirit of full disclosure and to preclude any misconceptions, these Ti receivers are a custom order.  They'll be milled on a first come first served basis. Orders received that are in excess of the current raw stock on hand will be treated as "wait list" and no monies will be accepted at that time. Current scheduling anticipates delivery of your Ti receiver to be 6 to 8 weeks from date of order.  


*Pure Titanium is mixed with 10% Vanadium, 3% Iron and 2% Aluminum.  This specific near beta alloy recipe is uniquely well-suited for this firearm's receiver's dynamic properties due to its superior ductility, fracture toughness and high cycle fatigue strength over competing steel alloys.  This near-beta alloy was designed primarily for airframe applications where high tensile strength (180,000 range) and intense repeated flex cycles are a matter of course.



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