Galil ARM Carry Handle, Rear Retainer and Pin Assembly (Back-Ordered)

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Update 17 Feb 2019:

First run has come and gone.

Waiting on second run from Israel.


Update 25 Oct 2018:

We wanted to update all of you on the progress of the Carry Handles as of today.

The Split Collar Rings are complete!
However, the H-shaped retaining assembly’s anodizing did not meet our QC threshold and is back in line.

Current ETA is mid to late November....just in time for Christmas. 

Any questions, please call or email. 


Update: 22 June 2018:

Thank you for your pre-orders.  Your interest and commitment have made it possible for this initial production run to begin.  


Delivery schedule: Late Nov/Early Dec 2018


We have secured a limited number of original IMI Galil ARM carry handles and are manufacturing a US made H-shaped Retainer and Pin assembly for 5.56 1" dia barrels.


Can you continue to live without that elusive handle assembly, with which your Galil would be complete in every way?   


Pre-orders are priced at $145.




Reviews (4)

David Mar 5th 2019

Good, but Very Different from the Pictures

The carry handle assembly is the final piece I needed for my ARM build, so grabbing one of these reproductions seemed like a great idea. However, I was rather disappointing when the part arrived significantly different than expected. The item pictured at my time of order and at the time of this review looks to be an original ARM carry handle rear retainer; it appears to be forged or cast and is most likely steel. What arrived is milled aluminum with a deep, black anodizing. It looks nothing like the one pictured. What bothers me the most about this is the material. While the retainer and pin are aluminum the carry handle itself is steel. I worry about the hole in the aluminum parts being worn by movement of the carry handle and to a slightly lesser extent the durability of the entire upper area should it experience any shock while being carried. Also, the use as a bottle opener may not be a great idea with the aluminum bipod catch area (although that's an incredibly minor thing). However, it is absolutely worth mentioning that the machining and finishing are very well done. This is going on a Galil ARM build that's going to see use, not be a safe queen. While there is certainly a possibility that my concerns are unfounded, the product delivered was still quite different from what was pictured/represented. If these are offered again, the pictures and description should be updated to mention the materials and show what is actually being received.

Daniel Noyes Jan 25th 2019

Galil ARM Carry Handle & Pin Assy. With HG retainer

I’m very Happy with the Finished Product, It took a while but well worth the wait. I can’t wait to put this on My ARM Build.. Thanks Rodney for all the great Customer Service.. Well Done

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