U.S. Manufactured IMI Spec'd Barrels

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PLEASE NOTE: 16.25" and 18" in stock and shipping - 3/7/2019

We've teamed up with Green Mountain Rifle Barrel of Conway, New Hampshire to produce their renown button rifled barrel in 5.56 NATO (1:7 twist) delivered to us as 1" diameter concentric blanks in 4140 steel. These Barrels are contoured, chambered, and threaded [on both ends] using a customized tool and gauge cutter designed and fabricated for this process alone to the OEM specifications pulled from original sets of IMI Micro Galil blueprints. Chambers are set "deep" per IMI specs so as to allow for ease of installation.


PLEASE NOTE: Barrels will have no wrench flats, gas ports or chamber cut for extractor notch and are shipped "in the white".  They are not chrome lined.  We recommend a nitride finish.

WARNING: Fitting these Galil barrels requires an experienced and competent gunsmith.  Installation of the IMI grade/spec barrels on a Micro Galil can be very challenging and incorrectly timed barrels may result in exposing the shooter to possible injury.


*Picture is for recognition purposes only and does not depict the actual product herein.


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Nils Grevillius May 22nd 2018

7,62x39 Galil or Valmet Barrel

Lewis and Black are sole suppliers of barrels chambered for this cartridge. They're attentive to customers, all the way from basic consumer up to serious marksman. Any journeyman gunsmith would know the quality and adaptability of the barrels these guys sell. Bravo.

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