The following content is attributed to IMI Systems and is quoted from their website


More than 8 decades ago a group of the “Haganah” paramilitary organization members built the first Israel’s armament factory for processing hand grenades and rifles’ cast bodies inside the Givatayim water Institute. This small and secret plant placed the cornerstone for the establishment of Israel Military Industries in 1933 as a major ammunition supplier of the country in the making and as the pioneer of the Israeli defense industry.

In its early days, during the British Mandate, Israel Military Industries produced munitions in small, secretive manufacturing facilities called “institutions”, such as the “Ayalon Institute” which was built 8 meters beneath the ground and produced 9mm rounds for three years right under the British’s noses near the city of Rehovot.

15 years later, 40 weapon and ammunition manufacturing sites were operated across the country employing 400 workers. During that time, right after the foundation of the State of Israel in 1948, the young company became part of the Israeli Ministry of Defense and since then throughout years of prosperous business activity, Israel Military Industries serves as the main supplier of weapon systems and ammunitions for the IDF land, aerial and naval forces.

The late Mr. David Ben-Gurion, first prime minister of the state of Israel, was quoted back then saying: “I doubt if we ever had a larger and braver deed, which was involved with a constant mortal danger, such as the modest and hidden activity of IMI, and I do not know what is greater, the employees’ modesty or their bravery …”

Through its diversified capabilities the Israel military industry had a major part in preserving the IDF independence, reducing Israel’s reliance on external weapons supply, and its products’ sales revenue significantly contributes to the economic strength of the State of Israel.

Over the years the company has come a long way during which it became a wholly owned company by the State of Israel, established local and international sales operations and advanced manufacturing and R&D facilities, developed cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions and re-branded its name to IMI Systems Ltd.

Today the prosperous company is positioned among the world’s leading defense solution providers, attracts qualitative skillful human resource and successfully competing against global defense industry giants.

IMI Systems strength and well-known reputation rely on the unique combination of vast knowledge, unleashed creativity, advanced technology, seasoned team of engineers and constant striving for excellence unionized together and enabling the company to develop and deliver advanced weapons systems and armaments technologies, alongside sophisticated combat arrays and doctrines.

Since its establishment, each and every combat-proven solution of IMI Systems was and is purposely designed to assist the IDF and foreign armies around the world to better cope with the dynamic battlefield demands as well as to support the efforts of its local and worldwide customers to better compete in the global defense and security market.