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Our latest creation comes from an original IMI Micro Galil imported from Israel and parted out here in the US. We then employ our OEM spec’d US manufactured receiver and barrel, both of which are manufactured in house to create the IKON G223. The Ikon G223 pistol is compact, lightweight, air-cooled, gas operated and uses the OEM IMI 30 round magazines. As configured, this is a Pistol and not an SBR as defined by NFA.  This product offering is a collaboration between IKON Weapons, our manufacturing partner and Lewis & Black, supplier of the kits. 


Each of these pistols is being offered as a one-off creation.  There will be only one as depicted here.  When its sold, another differently configured one-off pistol will be offered.  Custom designed pistols are available for the asking.  If you've always had that perfect bespoke Galil in mind, but hadn't determined how to make it happen, here's your opportunity.  Give us a call and we'll help you make that idea into a reality.


Some features of the Ikon G223

  1. The cocking lever is on the left side of the rifle a feature unique to these Micros, which have never been imported into the US before now.
  2. Changing the position of the fire selector lever is done by pushing it forward and not backward as in other models, resulting in a more intuitive fire control sequence.
  3. A rail for mounting electro-optic devices is located on the gas cylinder and the cover, providing the user two points of reference for optics and other accessories.
  4. Chrome plated barrel section at the gas port tower, which prevents gas corrosion of the barrel
  5. Front Sight: Post type, height and windage adjustment, per OEM specs.
  6. Rear Sight: Grooved butterfly windage adjustment, again OEM spec’d


PLEASE NOTE:  This is a one-off pistol.  We won't be manufacturing another like it.  When it is sold, another differently configured pistol will replace it. 

Technical Data:


Pistol Manufacturer: Ikon Weapons, LLC

Florence, South Carolina

Pistol Model: Ikon G223

Pistol Caliber: .223 and 5.56mm NATO


Pistol Weight (Without Magazine): 6.4 Lbs.

30 Round magazine Weight empty: 305 gr

30 Round magazine Weight full: 650 gr


Barrel Length: 8.3”

Rifling: 1 turn every 7” employing Green Mountain Concentric Blanks, which assures no baffle strikes on suppressed models

Muzzle Break: M13 x 1RH

Brace: SB Tactical F1319. This weapon’s original trunnion permits an SBR configuration when the the OEM Micro Galil stock, included in the purchase, is mounted.

Length of pull: 13.5”, so as to conform to current ATF/NFA regs regarding “braces” and approved LOP.




Manufacturing Process:


Receivers are CNC’d from 4140 steel then heat treated in house to 45 Rockwell. Barrels are made of 41V50 steel employing Green Mountain 1” concentric barrel blanks. Each pistol barrel is clocked to the receiver then drilled for the gas port. Headspace is then accomplished by pull-thru reamer operation. The gas tower is pressed into the barrel per OEM specs. Each pistol is pre-assembled and test fired with two-10 Round Magazines for 5 slow fire followed by 5 rapid fire.
Finishes: All Pistols will have a Cerakote H-Series finish applied by an in-house certified Cerakote applicator. All parts then are assembled, dry fired and inspected before leaving the factory.


IKON 6000 round torture test




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