Every family has a story and everyone’s story is unique; that being said, not all stories are packed with white-knuckle excitement.  Ours is a very typical American story.  The names, Lewis and Black, are the maiden names of our Mother and her Mother.   

Our Mother’s Father was a stereotypical turn-of-the-century personification of a classic Scotch-Irish upbringing and the great-grandson of a hard-working man who immigrated to the United States in the late 1700’s.  Our maternal grandmother was the child of English immigrants.  Our Father’s family immigrated to Boston from London in 1623.  We are obviously proud of our pioneering American heritage and the work ethic instilled in us by our parents and their ancestors and have chosen to honor our Mother and Grandmother in this small way.

Our passion for all things firearms related has afforded us some interesting opportunities.  When those opportunities materialize into something we believe others would find of interest, we share them here at Lewis & Black.

L&B is both a BATF licensed Importer Type 08/SOT and Manufacturer Type 07/SOT