A seriously pleasant surprise met one of our engineers recently when he opened a small sealed box.  The box was discovered in a "bin" in a faraway country by our engineer.  They've never seen daylight. 

These are IMI OEM New Old Stock Carry Handle Assemblies. 

The markings on the box gives us the impression they may be several decades old.  There are just a few dozen.  Just as the existence of these was unanticipated, so is the expectation of finding any more...though thats not to say we aren't alway looking in every box at every place we visit.

There's no back ordering available, so when the last one is sold, this page will state "Out of Stock"

For all of you who are only satisfied with a finished product consisting of ONLY OEM products, this may be that one "Unobtanium" item you've always needed to complete the perfect and historically correct build.