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The Story Behind the Kit  Original Israeli Micro Galils, straight from active Israeli unit to us, to you!


This is it; Lewis & Black successfully secured an entire tender of surplus select fire IMI manufactured Galil Micro Assault Rifles (MAR) straight from an active Israeli unit that were auctioned off in Jerusalem last fall.  With the requisite Israeli export and US State Department, ATF and CBD import permits in hand, we brought them into our secured in-house Foreign Trade Zone for disassembly and destruction of the receivers and barrels pursuant to our approved ATF cut schematics.

The resulting original IMI parts kits are now available for your own unique MAR build.  This may be the last remaining opportunity to own an original IMI Galil MAR parts kit as we've been informed there do not appear to be any remaining surplus MARs in Israel.  



Please Note:  All of the parts native to each firearm will remain together during the de-milling process and WILL NOT ever be mixed nor matched with other gun's parts. This assures your kit's parts will remain congruent to each other when incorporated into your new receiver. 


Choices, Choices, Choices

These kits come in a couple of variations and grades.  You'll want to look at the choices and select the most appropriate for your build criteria.  The first decision will be whether you're looking for a left hand charging handled bolt assembly or a right hand assembly.  Once you've determined that, just choose which grade you'd like.  As this is a somewhat subjective process, we imagined you'd want to know who decided what condition they were in?  We asked one of the leading Galil Guru's to assist us in the classification process by defining and establishing the designations. 

We've employed a modified NRA rating system, with our slight modification as outlined below and determined that this lot of rifles generally falls into the following two grades:

All original parts; "ALMOST" 100% original finish; in perfect condition in every respect, inside and out.  THESE DO NOT APPEAR TO HAVE SEEN ANY ACTION AND HAVE HAD MINIMAL ROUNDS RUN THROUGH THEM.

All original parts; over 80% original finish; sharp lettering, numerals, and design on metal; fine bore.  THESE HAVE BEEN ISSUED AND HAVE SEEN ACTION ON THE STREETS.


The Galil MAR in Detail

The Micro Galil or MAR (Micro Assault Rifle) is a reduced-size version of the Galil SAR (706 mm stock extended / 465 mm folded), weighing 2.98 kg empty. Compared to the original carbine, the MAR has a shortened barrel (210 mm), receiver, piston, gas tube and foregrip.  Approximate rate of fire is the same as the rest of the Galils since the firing mechanism is the same, only the muzzle velocity is lower due to the shorter barrel.  It is also 100% Interchangeable with the different models of the Galil rifle reducing the overall cost of the system for maintenance.  The safety switch and fire selector (located on both sides of the receiver) has four settings (in the more modern version): “S”: weapon is safe, “A”: automatic fire, “B”: 3-round burst, “R”: semi-automatic mode. The barrel has a multi-function muzzle device.

What's Included in Your Parts Kit 

De-Milled Receiver w/any paraphernalia left on the cut up pieces, i.e.; paracord slings.

De-Milled Barrel

Hand Guard

Side Folding Stock

Pistol Grip & Screw

Grip Screw Nut


Hammer Spring

Hammer axle pin


Trigger Spring

Trigger/disconnector axle pin     


Disconnector Spring


Sear Spring

Sear axle Pin

Selector Lever (right side)

Secondary Selector Lever & linkage (left side)

Side Folding Stock & hardware

Trigger Guard

Magazine Release Assembly

Front sight assembly

Bullet Guide/Feed Ramp

Bolt & Operating Rod     

Gas Tube

Recoil Spring Assembly

Top Cover w/ Flip Sight

One 35 rd magazine




Reviews (5)

Dean P Dec 29th 2018

Micro Kit

I ordered the Almost New kit with left side charging and I was very impressed with the condition of the parts including the lock up of the buttstock locking mechanism. If you're looking for a Mar kit these will make a top notch build !! Thanks again Rodney !!!

Mullicrk AKFiles Jun 27th 2018

Too good to be true but true

Im a long time collector and hobby builder. Galils have been the mainstay focus of my firearm collection and builds. Without a doubt this has been the very best kit Ive purchased since kits were available. Every piece right down to the smallest spring is authentic and in excellent to new shape. The cuts on the receiver were very well done leaving the engravings, lugs and rear stock milling intact. If your on the fence about buying a kit I wouldn't wait as these have been long long out of production. It baffles me how these are even available as I thought that shipped sailed years ago. Even as a nice wall piece these are well worth every penny. Thanks again, Ron M

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Additional Info

MAR Parts Kit
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