How to Purchase and Receive Your Firearms, Parts Kits, and Accessories from Lewis & Black.


Purchasing firearms, firearm kits, or firearm accessories online is simple with Lewis & Black.  Simply follow these steps to ensure that your order is processed, shipped, and received and/or legally transferred (FFL firearms) to you in a timely manner. 


  1.    SHOP: Shop, discover, and own unique firearms, firearm kits, and accessories only at Lewis & Black.
  2.    FOUND IT: Find what you’re looking for and select “Add to Cart”  
  3.    ORDER & PAYMENT: Pay for your order using our secure server system via Lewis & Black’s Shopping Cart System.
  4.    FIREARMS vs NON-FIREARMS: Since its not always apparent what products are regulated by the ATF under Federal Firearms Licensing (FFL) statutes (ie., considered firearms), each item Lewis & Black sells may include an “FFL Regulated” descriptor so that you will know whether the item(s) needs to be shipped to an FFL for your transfer, or may be shipped directly to you.
  5.    NON-FIREARMS SHIPMENTS: If your item is not a firearm (parts kit or accessories) we will ship directly to your preferred delivery address as long as the item is legal in your area.
  6.    FIREARMS SHIPMENTS: If you are purchasing a firearm, then we will ship directly to an FFL (your local licensed gun dealer of choice) where you will complete the transfer of the firearm(s).