Galil ARM Split Collar Retaining Pin for use with Carry Handle Assembly


Scheduled Production Delivery: Oct 2018

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Production schedule: Late August


We have secured a limited number of original IMI Galil ARM carry handles and are manufacturing a US made Retainer and Split Collar Retaining Pin assembly for 5.56 1" dia barrels.

This is for the [more or less elusive] Split Collar Retaining Pin by itself. If you were as frustrated with the knock-off carry handles you can find other places as we were, you probably just screwed down a nut 'n bolt and hoped for the best. Needless to say, it's not so "best."

This is the fix! We couldn't take it any more. We just went ahead and had these custom made so we could quit slingin' profanities around when dealin' with the nut 'n bolt.

Pre-orders are priced at $20—you've spent more on a crappy lunch.




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