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Lewis & Black has 9 Glock Gen 4 G19s that have the Valkyrie Combat Grip Reduction, which have been converted by Full Conceal to their model M3D folding pistol. Valkyrie’s grip reduction has made for a slightly slimmer profile as well as our stippling design providing a superior gripping surface, while still allowing for all the functionality of Full Conceal’s foldable design.


These are available as a Father's Day Sale for $200 off the retail price of $1,399, for a one-time price of $1,199.  This is a brand new, unfired Gen 4 Glock 19 with a Valkyrie Grip Reduction/Custom Stippling Job, which they charge $260 and Full Conceal's conversion, which they charge $699....and you don't have to wait for the grip work or the conversion.  So a $1,659 weapon for $1,199.  Such a deal!  We're limiting this to the 9 units stated....and the sale ends on Father's Day at midnight.


If your home is like ours...then you well know: "If Momma Ain't Happy, Nobody's Happy".  So we thought why not give Momma something to smile about...You can literally carry the M3D in your front pants pocket. Even though this won’t print like a normal concealed IWB pistol, Momma may perceive you’re really happy to see her…. We’d call that a win/win Father's Day!



P.S.  This Glock comes with the three factory 15-round magazines and One 21-Round P-Mag*.  If you'd like another couple of 21-Round P-Mags, please indicate on the order where offered. 



* If you live in one of those states that won't allow these Deadpool Capacity Magazines....well Hell, you're out of luck and should give serious consideration to moving to another more Superhero friendly state.





The Full Conceal Alternative

Lewis & Black, in keeping with its focus of exploring and offering unique firearms, has become an authorized conversion dealer for Full Conceal’s folding Glock pistols known as the M3D aka G19 and M3S aka G43. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to witness the unique capabilities of this clever interpretation of how to manage the profile and operation of a handgun, this is worth your time.


Take a moment to experience this very descriptive video hosted by Mike Full, the inventor of the M3D and founder of Full Conceal:


Is this for everyone; hardly.  This is for those looking to affect conceal-ability in a very non-traditional, low profile manner. Does it deploy as efficiently as a typical conceal; depends on your abilities, circumstances and most importantly where and how you elect to stow it on your person.  Just like every product there are going to be those who interpret it as the panacea for all their conceal carry woes and those who view it as a gimmick.  What's irrefutable are the ingenious mechanical properties, functionality, workmanship and fitment.  If you've had the opportunity to actually "unfold" one and shoot it, you already understand.  Just the trigger alone is worth the experience.  Add a custom aftermarket slide to this and you're on your way to a one-off carry gun.



Q: Does the M3D conversion void my factory Glock warranty?

A: YES. Full Conceal Inc. has no affiliation with Glock Inc. or endorsement from Glock Inc. With the M3D conversion done, the original Glock factory warranty will be void, however Full Conceal Inc. will support your M3D conversion with their own guarantee and warranty. For new Glocks that are converted, Full Conceal absorbs the Glock factory Warranty for 1-Year. For used Glocks that are sent in for conversion, they don't warranty the Glock factory components, but will warranty all the parts installed by Full Conceal.


Q: What is the Full Conceal Inc. warranty and quality guarantee on my converted M3D?

A: Full Conceal stands behind making quality and reliable guns. Their warranty is simple, if there is a manufactured defect or if it breaks, they will fix it. Normal wear, abuse, or neglect of proper maintenance care are excluded. If you have any issue with the product, please contact Full Conceal. They will make it right. Remember to contact them for an RMA# before sending your pistol to us (otherwise it will not be processed). We highly suggest using Full Conceal’s 'Contact Us' form or you can e-mail them at '' as it will create an e-mail record on their side that we can track. In addition, once you've done that, you can optionally call in and talk to them directly about it.



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